Seaside Municipal Water System

"Public Works & Engineering"
The City of Seaside owns and operates a small municipal water system. This system includes one groundwater well and two 500,000 gallon water tanks. We pride ourselves on providing consistently high water quality and service. To determine whether or not the City services your property, view the City of Seaside Water Service Addresses.  For additional information of water quality please see the 2018 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).

Billing Rates

Water billing rates for the municipal water system have recently increased. This was done to cover the water systems cost of operations, maintenance, and capital improvement.

Lack of water availability has been a historic problem on the Monterey Peninsula, including the Seaside Municipal Water System. In order to keep rates reasonable, water wise habits and conservation are incredibly important. Low flow toilets, shower-heads, water efficient washing machines and dishwashers are great tools to effectively reduce your water consumption and are strongly encouraged by the Seaside Municipal System.

Water Conservation Plan

To assist customers of the Seaside Municipal Water System, a Water Conservation Plan has been adopted which provides rebates for purchasing and installing water conserving devices.  Every drop counts, so please use water wisely!