Single-Family Residential Properties

"Planning" with image of plans being reviewed
The City of Seaside is primarily a residential community. The majority of the applications that the Planning Division reviews are residential projects. The following links provide information and resources for Seaside residents thinking about making an addition to their house or building a new home.
  • Residential Application Submittal Requirements (PDF) - Lists the required information necessary for the acceptance of a complete application for single-family residential projects. Includes example figures for a complete Site Plan, Building Elevations, and Landscape Plan.
  • Single-Family Residential New Construction and Additions Handbook (PDF) - An accessible handbook for single-family residences that may be used to understand the City's Zoning Code standards for a new single-family residence or addition. Please consult the Planning Division with any questions before proceeding with a project that you think may require planning permit approval.
  • Single-Family Residential Design Guidelines (PDF) - Establishes the design criteria by which Architectural Review projects are evaluated by the City's Board of Architectural Review. Includes design guidelines for Site Planning, Mass and Scale, Architectural Features, and Drought-tolerant Plants.
  • Staking and Flagging Handout (PDF) - Provides the basic standards for the staking and flagging of a project. Staking and flagging is required to be installed at least 20 days prior to a public hearing for new construction that has a height of 18 feet and higher, second-story additions, and additions that do not specifically demonstrate consistency with existing architectural design.
  • Consumer’s Guide to Hiring an Architect (PDF) [links to California Architects Board] - Provides guidance from the California Architects Board how to select and work with a licensed Architect.
Access the current fee schedule (PDF).